What Really Happens To Your Body When You Go Glute…

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For the average eater, the words “-free” are horribly confusing. This protein made up of the peptides gliadin and glutenin is found in grains such as wheat, semolina, rye and barley. It’s known for giving bread its airy and fluffy substance and dough its sticky texture. But recently it’s become notorious for sending dieters, restaurateurs, and the medical community into a tailspin.

Why? Because every time you eat a Cronut or a turkey sandwich, your body either decides to break the down and absorb it, or produce antibodies to attack it. The latter is known as , and to a lesser extent, non-celiac sensitivity. Avoiding completely is, as of now, the only known treatment to help heal these conditions. But what about the rest of us who haven’t been diagnosed? What really happens to the body when you give up gluten?

You could lose key nutrients | 0:51
You could have a calmer, happier stomach | 1:52
You may have a more upset stomach | 2:47
Anti-inflammatory benefits | 3:36
Withdrawal | 4:20
Fluctuating processed food intake | 5:15
Protect yourself from leaky gut syndrome | 5:56
You could clear your head | 6:52
To gluten or not to gluten? | 7:37

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