Slow Cooker Peach Jalapeño Chicken Bowls

If you’re into fresh meals from a bowl then this is made for you! Utilize your slow cooker to do the hard work of up delicious juicy and then add all your fresh ingredients for a simple bowl meal with all the flavor.

shredded chicken, peaches and corn salsa on a bed of rice in blue bowl

The perfect summer meal bowl…

It’s amazing how a simple slow cooker recipe can so easily turn into this delicious meal. Layer up a bowl of rice with juicy flavorful , sweet caramelized peaches, crispy corn salsa with fresh tomatoes and zesty jalapeños. Then be sure to top it all off with some sour cream and cilantro for the perfectly customized meal.

If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t utilize your slow cooker to create a fresh and healthy meal, then read on. This meal can be made ahead for quick and easy meal prep for busy weeks.

bottle of bbq sauce on pink table


Chicken – I prefer boneless skinless chicken breast for this recipe but boneless skinless chicken thighs would work as well

BBQ sauce – I prefer a lower sugar option for best results in the slow cooker to prevent burning

Peach preserves – just like with the BBQ sauce, chose a no sugar added option

Rice – I love the flavor of basmati rice cooked in my rice cooker but you could do any rice you prefer including instant rice or microwavable packets to make it quick and easy

Peaches – fresh sliced will work best, peeling them is totally optional

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