Slow Cooker Honey BBQ Chicken Bowls

Yes, you can make a fresh meal with the help of your slow cooker! These Honey BBQ Bowls are made using juicy slow cooker that gets added to all of summers fresh veggies for a refreshing meal you can’t beat!

shredded bbq chicken in bowl topped with tomatoes, avocado and ranch

You may be seeing lots of recipes on Pinterest or Instagram that show you the latest meal in a bowl. Is this really revolutionary? Or just a silly trend?

I think the idea is to truly simplify meal time and give you all the nutrition you need in one simple bowl without a lot of thought, effort or fuss.

These Honey BBQ Bowls are simple because you use your slow cooker to make your protein. It’s so easy to throw your chicken in a slow cooker and add some sauce. Let it cook then shred when done and use the chicken for any number of meals. Add your favorite grains and veggies and you have a complete, simple and tasty meal.

bottle of bbq sauce and bottle of honey


For the chicken you’ll only need two things to add to it to make it delicious.

First, grab a delicious BBQ sauce. I like to find one with less added sugar. Not only is it healthier, but it won’t burn as easily in the slow cooker.

Next up, honey! This will add some sweetness to the sauce without the overly processed sugar. I prefer raw honey because it still contains most of it’s nutrients and antioxidants.

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