Real Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Why It Works

  • Low-protein all-purpose flour allows for plenty of buttermilk without excessive gluten formation, so the bread is chewy but tender—never tough.
  • An extra 1/8 teaspoon baking is the most reliable way to mimic the casual, rounded teaspoon measurements more common in days of yore, ensuring that the buttermilk’s acidity is fully spent, for a fluffy loaf with a subtle pretzel-like flavor.
  • Sifting improves distribution of the while aerating the flour, making it easier to incorporate the buttermilk without any lumps.
  • Buttermilk has the perfect viscosity and pH for this , so steer clear of DIY alternatives (and trust me, I’ve tried them all).

Once upon a time, bread was baked over hot coals in a covered skillet, trapping steam from the dough to produce a wonderfully crusty loaf of bread—a setup anyone can re-create in a Dutch oven. Teamed up with low-protein all-purpose flour and volatile baking , buttermilk hits the sweet spot of gluten and carbon dioxide formation, creating a moist and fluffy loaf of soda bread that’s chewy and crusty all at once.

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