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Where are all the ranch lovers?! Did you know that it’s super easy to make up your own homemade spice blend to keep on hand and use in place of many recipes calling for powdered dressing mix? This one is dairy free as a bonus!

blue bowl filled with seasonings for ranch mix and tiny black spoon

Did you know you can used dried seasonings you have on hand to create a spice blend that will give you all that “ranch” flavor you desire? It’s super easy to make up a batch of this to have on hand, and is a healthier alternative to the store bought stuff.

You can use this in place of the packets in many recipes like my super popular buffalo chicken tater tot casserole or buffalo chicken chili!

This will make about 6 tablespoons and you can easily double or triple the recipe to keep even more on hand.

7 small bowls filled with spices

Spices needed to make Ranch Seasoning…

  • dried parsley
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • dried dill
  • dried chives
  • salt and pepper

Many ranch seasoning blends contain dried milk or buttermilk powder, which is certainly more traditional and allows for a wider use. However, I wanted to create something without the dairy that could still be used in largely the same way.

The goal was to create a blend of spices that would still give all of the flavor and this blend is it!

Additionally, all of these spices are easily found at most any grocery store.

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