CZN Burak Smokes Beef in a Fire Pit Like a Boss

This video gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘pit master’ as Turkish chef and restaurateur   digs into the ground and smokes a side of beef in a traditional way that looks absolutely delicious.

 , aka Özdemir, is a Turkish chef and restauranteur who is also an Internet sensation with 23.1 million followers on Instagram. He is known for digging fire pits, usually while looking straight into camera, and then hanging meats in the subterranean chamber for a delicious fall-apart traditional meat dish. He also counts Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho among his fans.

He starts with digging into the sand and when he reaches a depth of about 2 metres, he pours some cement and then builds a brick lining. Starting the fire with the toss of a match, the chef then lowers an entire side of beef into the fire pit and seals it up to allow the meat to smoke over a long time. He’s got some stuffed peppers in there too, and serves it all with rice.

Check out CZN Burak’s Instagram account for lots more fire-pit madness as well as some truly astounding pie and burger creations.

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