A Modernist Thanksgiving Menu to Shake Things Up

For many people, Thanksgiving dinner is a meal defined by traditions, with the same dishes and guests making an appearance at the table year after year. But as with most everything in 2020, this Thanksgiving is probably going to be different. In a year that has been defined by uncertainty, there’s a case to be made for embracing the familiar, and taking comfort in making tried and true Turkey Day classics. On the other hand, if you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to switch things up and try your hand at a new recipe or technique, this is definitely the year to do it!

With that spirit of experimentation in mind, we’ve put together a Thanksgiving menu that’s all about putting a twist on the traditional. So ditch the roasting pan and bust out your sous vide circulator and waffle iron for a modern take on the holiday meal. If you’re looking for more recipes and Thanksgiving tips, check out our whole guide to Thanksgiving here.

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